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NC Adapted Sports Service Project

Updated: May 5

April 27, 2024 -- The Rotary Club of the Capital City was pleased to participate in a club service project for North Carolina Adapted Sports. Our club participated in conjunction with Scouts working on an Eagle Scout project.


North Carolina Adapted Sports (NCAS) provides individuals with disabilities opportunities for athletes to push their limits, build confidence, and create lasting memories through personalized sporting activities. Cofounders Wes Hall and Tony Luparello envisioned an adapted off-road cycling program with trails accessible to off-road adapted cycles. Now, NCAS partners with Wake County Parks and Recreation in the NCAS Accessible Trail Project.


Our club's project enables Adapted Sports athletes to experience off road biking on the trails at Harris Lake County Park by modifying bridges and trails to accommodate specialized biking equipment. Harris Lake County Park is a 680-acre park located in the western part of Wake County on the Shearon Harris Reservoir.


There is more to be done so please help the cause!


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